After Thailand has been developed in the industry. Until causing safety and health problems of workers, which can be seen quite clearly from the evidence of the change in development, showing the wealth of the country and the people. But on the other hand, a lack of adequate attention to care and manage of the safety of those involved. Therefore, the work related accidents and illnesses of all workers that are continually rising.

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               In the year 1986, Thailand has organized a National Safety Week at the first time between 1 - 3 June 1986. At that time, the National Safety Week Organizing Committee proposed that it was appropriate to establish the safety association and should organize a National Safety Week every year. In which THE SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK PROMOTION ASSOCIATION ( THAILAND) to be established is also involved in activities and the Department of Labor (at that time) is the coordinator.
               Then the Cabinet under the supporting of Pol.Lt.Col.Charn Manutham, Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office at that time, approved the proposal of the Department of Labor to establish "THE SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK PROMOTION ASSOCIATION ( THAILAND)" and registered in May 29, 1987.
                 For more than 35 years, SHAWPAT has been working closely and in collaboration with the Department of Welfare and Labour Protection, the Social Security Office, and other agencies in the Ministry of Labour and other Ministries as well as other private industries and enterprises.

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Mr.Prasopchai Yuvaves

The President of SHAWPAT


SHAWPAT’s objectives
  1. Promote occupational safety, health and working environment and off-the-job safety by providing ;
          • Education, research, technical service, knowledge development and related laws
          • Production and dissemination of textbooks, media, publications, information and technical documents
          • OSH&E experience exchanging
          • Training, seminars, teaching, coaching and learning
          • Environmental measurement services
          • Various systems Inspection
          • Organization improvement and development

  2. Campaign to promote awareness and culture safety on job safety and off the job safety by organizing activities contest and public relations through various media.

  3. Promote cooperation, coordination, and networking with government agencies, private organizations, and various institutions both domestically and internationally for developing knowledge and practice guidelines on occupational safety, health and working environment and off-the job-safety.

  4. Does not take any political action.

  5. There is no policy or intention to set up a billiard table for gambling.

Quality & OHS Policy

      “SHAWPAT is committed to continuous improvement in providing quality service including the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses, good health of employees and stakeholders in accordance with the requirements of laws and relevant standards and a safe working environment by encouraging employees to actively participate and give advice on related activities.”


International network

  • APOSHO : Asia Pacific Occupational Safety and Health Organization
  • JICOSH : Japan International Center for Occupational Safety and Health
  • JISHA : Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association
  • NSC : U.S. National Safety Council